In Words

I devote a fair amount of time learning and writing about personal operational security and basic blockchain technology. I've spent the last 10 years building websites and helping my clients implement authentic digital communications strategies to power their brands. I currently publish this work on my Steemit blog or on my Quiet Shadows platform.

In Person

Helping someone remove the fear of a technological issue through hands on teaching is a true delight! I love it. My jam. Workshops or 1-1 lessons on personal opsec, blockchain 101 and digital therapy are available and done in the Gift Economy. Digital therapy is simply me helping you understand and not fear your technology. My web clients often joke that I'm their digital therapist. If you are a journalist, activist or dissident, your personal opsec is paramount and I'm here to help you. Please contact me.


I currently accept a handful of consulting clients per year for organizations fighting for the rights of others or to make our society better. Most of my consulting work will fall under the Gift Economy, unless travel expenses are needed for 1-1 work and as long as I feel a connection to the mission, founders and intended outcome of the work.