In Images

For the past 2+ decades, I've documented the world as I passed through. From staff photographer and freelancer to documentary photographer and producer, I've worked around the globe covering issues I'm passionate about.

In Words

Sometimes words take the place of my camera and I write about various aspects of the human condition and our society as a whole. I've worked as a published freelancer and self-published writer for the past decade. My current writings are published on my documentary art and news curation platform, The Quiet Shadows . In our current climate of chaotic news cycles and profit-driven mainstream media, I place an intense and critical eye on stories and share them with my community so they can stay informed without overwhelm.


I currently accept a handful of assignments per year for organizations fighting for the rights of others or to make our society better. While a portion of this work can't fall under the Gift Economy, I will take projects if expenses are covered and I feel a connection to the mission, founders and intended outcome of the work.