I translate the human condition into powerful art to help change our preconceived notions of reality. My tools are a camera, a pen and a platform. I also curate relevant news and put my professional filter on the issues impacting our society so we can all better understand our world.


Understanding the impacts of technology on both our individual lives and the systems that power our society is no longer optional. We must protect our digital privacy and embrace emerging technologies, such as blockchain. I translate complicated tech concepts into understandable nuggets for the everyday person.


We're facing a time in history where our ability to elevate our collective consciousness is needed to protect our life here on this planet. Extreme, right? But seriously, we need to step up our spiritual game and our connection to the divine before it's too late. I create and curate tools that help us elevate our consciousness and support that spiritual journey.

Working in the Gift Economy

I give freely of my talents, skills & consulting. If you valued our interaction, you may reciprocate through giving. To be honest, this is an experiment. A way of exploring the alternatives to a patriarchal capitalistic economy that is destroying us.


"A gift economy, in my definition, is simply a society within which people share their skills, time, knowledge, information or material goods with each other without any formal, explicit, or precise exchange." M. Boyle


I believe another economic model exists and I'm willing to be part of the experiment. The Gift Economy is a matriarchal way of interacting, as opposed to our current capitalistic system, driven by scarcity, competition and dominance.


It's simple, really. I give my gifts of education, knowledge and insight freely. To you. Without immediate reciprocation. If you derived value from our time together, you can pass it along in a multitude of ways. Please see the Gift Economy page for ideas.

Return to Giving

Not a new concept here. Entire societies functioned in a communal capacity where freely giving of talents, skills and the fruits of one's labor was simply the norm. Everyone contributed and all gained from giving & receiving without scarcity & greed.

Post Capitalism

Capitalism isn't working. The patriarchal capitalistic system has landed us in our current shitshow-- the powerful raping the planet & murdering populations to horde as much capital as possible. That's not an economy, that's a death sentence. We can do better. We must.


We're in this journey together, my friend. Giving. Receiving. Paying it forward & supporting our mad skills. Removing the dynamic of money changes our engagement. If we can explore this alternative to monetary exchanges & scarcity driven business tactics, we can be a part of the solution.

Here's the Scoop

If you want to work together, join my community with the button below and let's see if I can help. I teach & I translate complicated techy concepts into digestible chunks for everyday, non-techy people. I do 90% of this work in the Gift Economy. You reciprocate value once our work is done and your gift is based on the value you received. That's it.

Simple. Easy. Value-Driven. Sustainable.

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